Architectural Control Request Form

The Architectural Control Committee operates under the authority of the "Woods of Wimbledon Reservations, Restrictions and Covenants" and is charged with maintaining the architectural integrity and harmony of our neighborhood. All additions, renovations, or alterations to existing structures (homes and garages) must be approved by the Committee prior to implementation. Major improvements such as swimming pools, roof replacement, changes in exterior materials, change in exterior colors, etc. are also subject to approval.

Refer to The Woods of Wimbledon deed restrictions and policies prior to submitting a request for architectural or landscaping changes. If you need additional information regarding minimum standards and guidelines related to improvements, please complete the Contact Us form and submit it to the Architectural Control Committee 

When you have your proposed changes ready to submit, complete the request form below to formally request permission for architectural or landscaping changes and submit it to the Architectural Control Committee.

Your co-operation in maintaining the beauty and value of our neighborhood is appreciated by all of the residents of the Woods of Wimbledon.